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◆In accordance with ANsI/EIA Rs-310-D,IEC297-2, DIN41491; PARTl, DIN41494.
◆PART7, GB/T3047.2-92 standard and compatible to ETSL standard.
◆Material: SPCC high-quality cold steel rolling plates.
◆Grade of Protection: IP20.
◆Load: stationary load 1000kg.
◆The design of the front and back door with the high-density openings can provide adequate heat dissipation conditions tor server and networking equipments, and can also solve the problems of equipments protection, besides, it is elegant in appearance.
◆The special opening design on the top of the cabinet provides you enough accesses of cables, which are convenient to lay and manage.
◆Customers can adiust the stock freely in order to meet their requirements for the inner space.
◆Advanced coil design makes it convenient for customers to manage and operate the massive data cables.
◆  The left and right doors which are easy to mount and dismount makes it convenient for  mounting and combining usage of several cabinets.
◆The cabinet has outstanding mark for the precise position of "U".
◆Several earthing rod are set in the inner cabinet to provide convenient for users.
◆Advanced design concept assures elegant  appearance and the section bar lead frame makes  the structure more stable.