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◆In accordance with ANSI/EIA RS-310-D, IEC297-2, DIN41491; PART1, DIN41494.
◆PART7, GB/T3047.2-92 standard and compatible to ETSI standard.
◆Material: SPCC high-quality cold steel rolling plates.
◆Grade of protection: IP20.
◆Load: stationary load 800kg.
◆The cabinet adopts frame structure, with 800kg static load. 
◆The quick open structured side door is easy to install and maintain.
◆The tray can be  adjusted  freely up and down  according to customer's requirement.
◆Attractive shape, exquisite workmanship,  precise.dimension, and full of modern taste.
◆The front door which is made of toughened glass  and back door with high density meshes, can  meet requirements of equipment protection, ventilation and heat dissipation, and observing running status of the machine at the same time.
◆It can be installed with casters and support feet at the same time.
◆High-class cabinet door lock with revolving  handle. 
◆Complete optional fittings.
◆Main  color includes  two  series  of  intenational, fashionable computer gray and black.
◆Several places of cable  laying channel go through the top and the bottom part can be closed, and the dimension of  the bottom cable-laying  holes can  be adjusted according to requirement.